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Granny Letter

I just received this as an email and wanted to share this milk of human kindness :slight_smile:

Ha ha! The best part is when you actually see some adorable old lady in a fluffy pink sweater swearing at another adorable little old lady who is blocking her wheelchair.

I almost cried I was laughing so hard.

A couple of months before my grandma [dads side] passed, we were visiting her in her room at the nursing home. Some really old man shoots by on his wheelchair catcallin her. I ask her if shes got herself a fella runnin around here and she replies “shit no I can’t even fuckin take care of myself.” She was 85.

Funny letter. Thanks Fluffy.

Your avatar suits you more and more. :smiley:

[quote]danmaftei wrote:
Your avatar suits you more and more. :-D[/quote]

Thanks for the compliment,I think that was a compliment:)