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Granny Killed My 5x5 Today


I need to rant. Comercial gyms are sometimes a hard place for programs like German Body Comp or 5x5 because the super set type aspect of them and usually some scrawny kid tries to bump in and join. I dont mind working in but not if I have to keep an eye on time between sets. anyway's this morning I was using 5x5 I was using the lying squat machine(the squat rack was being used for curl's) and lying leg curl's I felt strong and motivated when I began my set. that was until a little grey haired lady asked if I was done yet I told her no but if she would like to work in she can..she turned and walked away without a sound. cool grandma has left the building.

3 set comes around still going strong then comes the silver bandit again. "are you done yet?" no I said, but you can work in. no, I will wait she replied. 4 set and a minute 1/2 later. I was too pissed to realize that I could have brought my weight up another 10-20 pounds to make the most of 5x5. then the topper, as I make my way from lying leg curls back to squats, granny goose decides to not ask this time but to just jump right on the machine and proceed to do squats with no weight on the machine for two minutes straight with a fuck you look on her face.

jesus she could have just done regular squats with no bar. dont get me wrong I am glad that older folks come to train, but this behavior is crazy. I work in a E.R. and run into lot's of mean old bastards on a daily basis, but I could have put an axe in this old bags chest. it's not to many workout's that you feel up to speed mentaly and have your strength go through the roof. Anyway's thank's for letting me vent


I workout at a Gold's gym. They just built a nice new one across the street from the old one. They've got nice equipment and all, but it is too spread out to do much in the way of supersetting. Not to mention the fact that it seems more crowded than the old gym. I really enjoy the times I get to lift at odd hours when I have most of the gym to myself. Those make for the best workouts.


Is this her ?


Damn. That was wrong on so many levels.


That's a powerful image.

\|/ 3Toes


which begs the question: what's worse? old people or hippies?


I'm afraid I'm gonna run into this too. My gyms were wrecked by Katrina and YMCA is honoring the memberships. Went it y'day to get the pass all set up and the place is full of treadmills with teenagers all over them. Blue hairs were filing in for aerobics.


I'd hit it...




That's the funniest shit I've seen all day!