Granny Deadlifts

i just stumbled across this on the crossfit forum and thought it would be worth posting here "She ain’t heavy, she’s our granny

TO HER 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, Margaret “Jonnie” Rodda is the Maryborough Marvel.

The 79-year-old holds four Australian and four Victorian power lifting records.
Jonnie took up the sport 18 months ago, but already can lift about 1 1/2 times her weight, has developed the supple limbs of a 20-year-old and has her sights on a world record.

It started when Adam Mazzon, 39, opened Healthmania, a health food shop and gymnasium in the Central Victorian town.

“Jonnie came in the day we opened and asked a few questions, then said she would be right back,” Mr Mazzon said.

“She was – 10 minutes later. She slapped $50 on the counter and said, ‘I’ll have three sessions and I want to start right now’.”

Jonnie has not looked back.

This month, she competed in the Australian Drug Free Power Lifting Association Victorian championships in Bendigo and set the eight records.

In August, Jonnie plans to compete in the ADFPLA all-Australia championships.

Mr Mazzon said she was a shoo-in for the world record in her division.

One of her records in the under 53kg, age 75 to 79 division, is a dead lift of 70kg – about 1 1/2 times her weight.

“As soon as I saw her lifting I realised she has one of the strongest lower backs I’ve seen,” Mr Mazzon said. “She trains an hour three times a week.”

Her husband, Federal, 82, has resisted Jonnie’s efforts to have him join her.

“I’ve done this to prove you’re not finished when you turn 60,” she said.

That’s awesome.

I hope more ‘older’ people are encouraged by her example.

I saw a woman in her sixties at my last USAPL meet. She did pretty good, but she should have had more faith in her own abilities, all of her lifts looked way too easy for her.

Kick ass.

I’d be proud to call her grandma.


Nothing short of spectacular.

Geek boy

When I was in my teens, I saw a woman in the gym; she was in her sixties, and she was HOT. She looked healthy and firm, and so, so confident. Hot older women rule.

[quote]Vyapada wrote:
That’s awesome.

I hope more ‘older’ people are encouraged by her example.[/quote]

I saw an article on TV about health for oldies and started banging my head against the wall. The new craze is having oldies stand around in an aerobics style class holding pink dumbbells. They compared this to a lesser known class run by a former powerlifting champ. She (the champ) got back into lifting at age 60 after injuring herself and then steadily declining. Now she teaches people to squat, deadlift, bench, row, chin, etc, people who have never done so and are over 60.

Needless to say the granny powerlifter was seeing better results with her group than the life fitness group!