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Grandpa got Robbed


Three days ago, my grandpa who lives in West Palm Beach FL got robbed. They were able to take more than $5,000 of cash and ALL of his jewelry. How they did it still baffles me.

My grandpa is still a little bit dazed but here's his story. Two man approached him at a CVS pharmacy. They "hypnotized" him and told him to WALK them to his house( a good 10 blocks away). Once they arrived at the house, they instructed him to give all his money, jewelry, and cellphone to them. These men stayed outside the house while my grandpa took his money, jewelry...After they got my grandpa's belongings, they drove him back to the CVS pharmacy and drove away.

My grandpa wasn't aware of the incident until the next day. That's when his memory, little by little, started coming back. Immediately, they reported it to the cops. What the cops said is that these men used a drug called "burundanga" / "scopolamine".

I usually don't get mad easily. But when my family member is involved, it's a whole different ballgame. My grandpa got diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. I'm just glad that he didn't got hurt. Right now I'm just worried cause obviously the men knows where he lives now.

Do you guys have any suggestions to prevent this from happening to him again?Do you have a similar story to share? If anything, I want to warn you guys that this kind of stuff happens out there.


That sucks.
I highly doubt they would risk returning to the scene of the crime.
Much more likely that they would victimize a new person who they know not to be cleaned out.
As for preventing it from happening again, I doubt there is much you can do.
That stuff only needs to be absorbed into the skin or inhaled in very small amounts.
You'd never see it coming.
Just be happy he's alive and physically unharmed.

FYI: That's the same shit they used in The Serpent & The Rainbow to zombify and control people.


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Sorry to hear about your grandfather.

Here is a documentary on scopolamine that illustrates how powerful it is...



Nasty shit, here's another thing on it. First account though I've heard of it in the US.


@ Simon Adebisi - Interesting book, I'll have to check that out.

@ bushidobadboy - Sorry for the confusion. He was drugged but it's sort of like being hypnotized cause they took his free will away. While having conversation with them, one of the guys blew something on him. I assume that was the drug called "burundanga".

@ PimpBot5000 - Holy crap! It's the EXACT thing they did. They blew something on him. Thanks for the link.

@ theuofh - According to the cops, this happened a few times in FL and NY.


Sounds like urban legend stuff. I have read of it before but it is usually debunked. Is there a police report or credible news story?

This has me curious as hell.


I think your gpops got robbed by a couple young prosties and doesn't want to admit it


Don't let him go to the pharmacy alone.


We haven't even heard of that drug prior to the incident. My grandpa filed a police report and that's when the cop concluded that he was drugged with "burundanga". Like I said before, the cops said they had similar cases in FL and NY.

Update: The pharmacy's camera captured the two men with my grandpa. BUT the footage isn't clear enough to recognize their faces.


He's moving back here in MN. He'll stay with my parents.


Superb observation, I'll keep that in mind.