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grandfather and weight loss

I am trying to help my grandfather lose some weight. He needs to lose about 30 pounds and lower his cholesterol. He is 70 years old…eats “3 meals a day” is on Lipitor and blood pressure medication. He has had 2/3s of 1 kidney removed. He does not have a bad diet, actually compared to most people it is good. He actually does not eat enough. I want to help change his diet and obviously I want to say eat smaller high protein meals more frequently throughout the day. Figured I could get him to use some meal replacement powders. I just worry would the extra protein would be too much for 1 and 1/3 kidneys doing the work? Does anyone have any suggestions? Any advice would be helpful…normally think I know it all, but this is confusing. Also, he is already physically active. Thank you for any help.