Grandchild Expected in 8 Months. Surprise

Looks like I’ll be a grandpa in about 8 months. My son’s gf is pregnant.

A great thing to expect a grandchild, finally.

This is leading me already to modify my training schedule a little. Instead of push/pull/legs-repeat, I’m going to push/pull/legs/off/repeat because I’m already getting busier.
Wondering how I could pack a baby on me at the gym while I lift too!

This whole thing was a huge surprise but IMO a good one. They’d only known each other a few months…

My wife has designated my official “it will call you” name as “Poppy,” which is cool by me, and hers will be “Glamma” (glam being the key part due to wife’s style consciousness ).

All I care is that the child is healthy. Either way it’ll get introduced to fitness just as quick as possible. Baby barbell toys would be cool.

But the summary of the situation is:

This. Is. Nuts!

I’d have expected to be a Poppy some years back, but will be 48 when it happens if all goes well.

Maybe we need to start a “grandfathers” thread here?!

Peace ya all!

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We can call you Gramps. :ok_hand:

You will certainly be a young grandfather.

My 2.5 yr old granddaughter is a lot of fun.

Nooo not gramps - Poppy!!

Yeh I love kids, babies especially (who doesn’t) and expect it to be fun, other than having to constantly coach the new parents.

Kinda funny, I’d brought up adopting cause she’s past childbearing age, and just days before this girl took a pregnancy test we were considering being volunteers to hold babies at a local hospital. A new program has started for doing that for babies born to opiate addicted mothers.
We may still do it, but am tickled to death there will be one in our family to hold :slight_smile:
But NOT gramps! My wife designated me as “Poppy” for this and that’s final. And I don’t care how much u deadlift, I promise you can’t win a fight about it with her! I cant!

28 years married as of 6:39pm today, 31 together. Amazing how time goes so quickly. Seems like just yesterday I was 28 yo. Wow!