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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Am I the only member of T-Nation spending waaayyy too much time playing this game? Oddly, I haven’t seen anyone discuss it here on the forum. However, I was just curious who else out there is also spending roughly 4 hours a day right now in their underwear chainsawin’ old ladys, snipe’in whores, and shotgunnin’ cops? I know I am.

No your not, I am spent about two weeks on it and completed 50%, give or take, of the game. I don’t know if you have discovered this yet, but go the arena on the northwest corner of the west island and wait until nighttime. At that time the doors will open and you can go in and play the events.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to try that. I’m through about 40-45%. I pretty much suck at it though; I rely on the cheats.

I waited outside of Futureshop till it opened and got the sucker the first day it came out. The music rocks!

I agree Ramone. I’ve thought about buying the soundtrack. However, I care for only the R&B, Rap, and some of the Pop. The hair band stuff just ain’t my bag.

I’ve rented it twice now, and I’ve completed nearly all the story missions and about 2/3 of the asset missions.

I’m still trying to find a good place to snipe. It seems that the code gives you more pedestrians if you’re on foot and more cars if you’re wheeling around - so it’s hard to get a good rampage site going (like the parkade was in GTA3.)

So far, my favorite missions have been the one where you gun people from the helicopter. My least favorite was cop land (blowing up the mall). Lance kept not following me.

My opinion is that this game sucks :).

You guys got further than me. I play at a friends house. The most I ever do is go on a rampage and shoot ever one I see and then start wacking the cops as they come. My favorite is to do an assualt on the police station. Maybe I have problems lol.

The katana is way classy

I’ve been having a lot of fun going into the mall and killing people, or going in the police station and killing people (terminator style). I’ll start trying to play it when I go back to school, that way I have nothing but time on my hands.

Another great game is Socom: Navy Seals. I rented it, and after I got the hang of it, it was very addicting.

Anyone have any tips how to get past “The Driver” mission (@ the malibu)? It’s killing me. I have attempted it like 20 times now and I either wreck or my car blows up. Also, where is the porn studio? I found it once, then lost it.

I finally bought a PS2 yesterday, and this was the first game I bought. However, I can’t get any of the cheat codes to work. Do I have to do something special? How do I enter them?

Hey Guys… Yes i agree the game is awesome. I have a mate who him and his brothers only turn the Sony off to go to Bed. Otherwise it is always on just rotating in turns. These guys are Total freaks and completed the game 95% in 1 week. And half of the time they were just rampaging around. you should have got a Map with the Book and it shows where the Porn studio was. I personally liked the mission where u used a Motorbike to jump from roof top to roof top to and then advertised the Porn studio with a Big batman type light on the side of a Building…Yes a Very entertaining game. But personally i get bored after a while and just wanna go out and swing my sledgehammer around.

Assuming you know the correct cheat codes, you simply put them in during game play. Just beware when putting codes in not to blow yourself up by throwing a grenade.

I HATE the Hillary mission. Grrr. You have two options. Remember that you’re faster than he is (all out) but he’s a better driver and better acceleration.

One trick is to tail him the whole way (don’t go full speed) and nudge him in the back tires to spin him out near the building we blew up with the remote helicopters - then just drive really well till you’re done.

The second trick is to get a few stars BEFORE the mission, and then the cops will start messing with you two near the start line. If you’re lucky, the cops will take Hillary out while trying to get at you.

The porn studios are in a fenced in area in the upper middle island (straight north of your mansion). I’d say the Hillary missions are one of the hardest.

The thing that I found that works is try your best to stay up with him, because at one point he wrecks and that gives you a chance to stay ahead of him. If that doesn’t work try cutting him off at the turn next to the police station. Hope that helps.

Thanks guys. Got it.

Ok, it seems it was my controller. I bought an off-brand one with the fans in the handles. It didn’t do a good job of directions. I changed to the standard controller and it works fine. Thanks.

I’d buy the game just for the soundtrack, quality stuff: 60+ tracks from different genres. VROCK is my favourite, and ripping around the canals to Iron Maidens ‘Two Minutes To Midnight’ was class. And they’ve even got Run DMC and Grand Master Flash. No Beastie Boys though, which was a tad annoying. This is why I sold my PS2, games are getting better and more addictive, and waste too much of my time.

RunDMC’s “Rock Box” is my pick. Jump on a speed bike, blare that tune, and do a drive-by. Ahhh, life is good.