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Grand Theft Auto 4


Who have played it and what did u think?

Ive been playing it to death.Graphics are amazing.Nico belic is badass.

The game itself has its flaws compared to the previous GTA games

The soundtrack (radio stations) are horrible.Apart from 2 maybe 3 songs the rest is piss poor.GTA vice city had the best soundtrack ever heard on a video game IMO

Fly only by helicopter.Big letdown as in san andreas u could fly helicopters,planes,fighter jets etc etc.

Lack of different weapons.Pretty much the same weapons as previous GTA games.

The game also has some great things such as:

Realism. when somebody gets shot it actually looks realistic,no heads exploding like in previous games.When u crash as high speeds u come flying through your windscreen.

Storyline. IMO the best storyline of any GTA game.

The use of internet and mobile phone.Great change from previous titales.The ability to watch tv shows in your safehouse is also good if u have 10 minutes to spare.

All in all id rate this game 8.5/10 .If only they made this game more like GTA san andreas with a better soundtrack it could have been one of the best games ever made.

Hopefully rockstar come out with GTA 5 sooner rather then later.


Saints Row 2 owned GTA4 in every way except graphics. Saints Row 2 is what GTA4 SHOULD have been.

San Andreas was the best GTA made to date and there is nothing that can change my mind. The game was almost limitless, there were TONS of things you can do with a wicked ass story. GTA4 is linear as shit and a lot of the things they put it were useless and boring. Things like bowling, or watching TV while playing a video game? What the hell?
Turf wars in SA were awesome, getting jacked, fat or anything else was also awesome.

That being said, I LOVED GTA4, but it wasn't what it could have been. I had way more fun playing Saints Row 2.


I thought GTAIV was great, but ever since I played FarCry 2 nothing can even hold a flame in terms of adventuring and action.

I'll say it one last damn time on these boards... PICK UP FARCRY 2! So underrated - and it's probably cheap, too!


Really? I played it for a couple of hours, and found it rather boring. Its alright, but its no game of the year. I might try finish it off and see if it gets any better.


I loved the game. The sad part was I didn't realize some of the things that would have been a big help during a mission. Such as if you do enough activities with certain people and get them to like you over 75%, they can then help you during a mission if you call them. Didn't know that until I was done.


It's call about the Call of Duty BABY! Especially now that there is another Modern Warfare to be released.
Someone should start an official video games thread.


I hated GTA4. The story was boring and there wasn't enough activity outside of missions to make it feel as "open" as San Andreas. I can put in GTASA right now and spend the next few days just screwing around the city and feel completely satisfied without doing any missions at all. GTA4 didn't feel the same.

Saint's Row captured what GTA should have been only with weaker graphics...even though they even allowed you to customize how your "avatar" looked even down to eye color and shape. Unfortunately, when you pick "bodybuilder" for body type, that apparently means "normal looking".

I actually sold my copy of GTA4 back to Gamestop because it was just that boring to me.


I loved GTA4. They really tried to push the realism and storyline which I think is why some others hated it. You have the crowd that likes to run around mindlessly and cause chaos, and the crowd that really gets into main missions and storyline.

Nico was funny as hell though, and I agree that GTA4 does have the best storyline of them all.


San Andreas did so well because more people could relate to the main character. I couldn't relate to Nico at all so playing AS him was even less fun.

I grew up in the 80's-90's so listening to rap music from that time period while hiding from/shooting/stabbing gang members is like crack.


I really liked GTA 4. Granted it had some annoying stuff, mainly the whole friends/phone calls thing. I terms of the game engine/controls I think it was a huge leap forward. It was lacking in terms of game play options compared to San Andreas. But they were working with a new game engine so I figure they'll get back to that point with the next games.

I really liked the Lost and the Damned expansion/content too, probably more than the regular game.

Anyone played GTA: Chinatown Wars on the DS? I picked it up recently and was really surprised with how well they did on it.


Chinatown Wars is excellent. First DS game I bought that was worth playing.


I would have to say GT3 San Andreas was the better one. Dont get me wron the graphics are amazing and i love the cell phone dilly but they took out a lot of the interactive features. I loved flying planes, choppers, harrier jump jets, taking the train, and going to different cities. I would have to agree with Prof. X i could put gta3 in my PS3 and still have a blast, also i could relate to the character as well. not saying cuz im black, or because of gang shit. im the whitest black guy youll ever meet.


GTA: Vice City was great, GTA 4 was also great,

GTA: San Andreas storyline sucked, the main character was a common thug gangsta rappa, why not just call it Saints Row Redux instead.


Because San Andreas came first, by two years......


LOL. Some of you are just funny.

Yeah, three years after first release, it was still selling like that...you know, that game that sucked so much according to you.

I am betting they hope the rest "suck" just as much.


...but you would think someone with such strong opinions would have known something like that.

Saint's Row was a GTA San Andreas rip off. The sequel to Saints Row only did so well because people wanted more gaming similar to GTA-SA yet didn't get it...so they went with the knock off instead.


You're definitely not the person I've heard that from. I don't know, I just like the crazy vast-openness of it. There's nothing cooler than walking around fuckin' Africa.

Or seeing an enemy mercenary accidentally hit a Zebra, get out of his car to check on it, then seeing him get back in his car just as I blast a rocket at him, only to have the flame from the rocket launcher set the brush in back of me on fire, setting a fierce and blazing wildfire across my enemy's tiny village.

It's the little things like that that keep me coming back for more. :slight_smile:


And for the record, there has been no better GTA than San Andreas.

Best atmosphere, best story, best representation of the environment it was trying to capture IMO.

Except I did fancy the realistic driving physics from GTAIV quite a lot.


I have GTA4 for the PS1. What's up with the re-naming?


Big Call Prof. Hated is a strong word.

I can understand u relating to the guy in GTASA as your new avatar pretty much is the guy in GTASA when he is jacked up. I Think its one of the greatest games ever made but i cant relate to the character as well as u. Ive never even seen a gang let alone grown up on the mean streets such as yourself.