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Grand Plan to Boost T

Recently I recieved a blood test back and it wasn’t so good. I’ll be 40 in August, I’m probably about 100 lbs overweight, 70 of which I’ve gained over the past two years. The same period that I had my last job. My test levels came back at 195, my estradiol came in at 53, and my blood sugar was right at 125. Pre-diabetic according to the doc.

The job I had was in retail management and it took a serious toll. I was working 70 to 80 hours a week, tremendous stress levels and little time or energy to work out or eat very well. The weight gain came despite not changing my eating habits at all. While not great, like 2 meals a day plus a late night snack usually involving carbs… it wasn’t attrocious.

My employer and me agreed they didn’t like my attitude that I needed to back off the hours because my health was in jeopardy, and I didn’t care, so we agreed to part ways.

So now there is a tremendous reduction in stress which I know can cause a lot of the problems I’ve been having.

However the doctor prescribed a pill for test and everything I’ve read says basically it sucks, only lasts for a couple of hours and it never really does anything long term. Plus my insurance will not cover injections. So I’m going to take TRIBEX.

My question is should I take 2 and let my body respond gradually? Will it be too much of a shock to the hormonal cascade? Or take 4 because I’m so low in my levels. Also I’ve read Tim Patterson say that an M like product (REZ-V) is not necessary. Obviously I have a big concern about the T and E levels and I am now starting to workout again and partake in the anabolic diet.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. And I thank you very much for your time.

Allen V. Burnsworth

It sounds like your doctor was proscribing Andriol. The absorption appears to be a bit varied from person to person and dose to dose. However, this doesn’t mean that it never works or shouldn’t be tried.

Anyway, something like TRIBEX should certainly help boost your T levels. Generally, start new supplements at a reasonable dose to assess tolerance and then if you feel it is appropriate, up the dosage to the recommended level.

Given your reported level of body fat, I’d certainly want to look into a supplement to inhibit aromatization of testosterone into estrogen… no matter how that testosterone originated.

add Alpha Male to the rez-v and start training and dieting. It is stronger and has more benefits for your goals.

lower carb intake and increase healthy fats: omega 3 from fish oils and walnuts, omega 9 from olive oil, and certain foods that help boost t levels like red meat, eggs, and coconut oil.

I would also incorporate a greens plus type product into your diet as well as various anti oxidents like green tea extract and various berry extracts. ADD glucose transporters like r-ala and banaba extract to help with insulin sensitivity.

Do this for a few months and then go back to get more blood work done. I’ll be shocked if you don’t have a significant improvement. Yes the supplements are gonna cost money but your health and quality of life are worth it. (They are for me).

The best bang for your buck will be a good clean diet (yes that includes certain fats) and excercise. That would help with weight loss and glucose metabolism in their own ways. As far as using the supplements, they would only help accelerate results, so it all depends on how close to the border line you are and how fast you need to change.

try puritans pride and beyond a century for all non Biotest supplements. I can help you if you need assistance. laters pk