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Grand Daddy Purp or Bubba Kush


So...i was born and raised in the Caribbean so i saw people smoking weed as often as i see Americans smoking cigarettes currently. Being at a university i've noticed the first thing people say/ask me when they find out i'm from the Caribbean is "i bet there are alot of beautiful women" and "man so you get that good weed".. On the contrary to what people may think i don't smoke.

This friend of mind showed me a stash he bought for $50 and i'm looking at the quantity and thinking i could get that same amount for no more than $5 back home. I guess it might have been a higher grade. I'm just curious as to what's the average price of a joint in the US and which is the most preferred type of weed.


I'm not exactly a connisoire (sp?) of weed, but I know any type of Kush will do some damage.

In Canada, a g of weed will go for about 5-10 bucks if you buy it by the gram. Not sure about larger quantities though.


A 1/8 ounce of kush usually runs around $30 though right now it could be a little more expensive and the quality might not be as good though since this is considered the slow season for weed. Not many indoor grow ops during the summer and the outdoor stuff wont be ready for another couple of weeks.
That is in Canada..


I regret that I don't know one strain from another.


1/8 of an ounce of great weed in u.s. is like $40-50. anything more isn't worth it.


i aint a crip

but i smoke kush

first name bubba

last name bush

from LA

straight kush

presidential shit

call it george bush


Honestly I dont really know them either..
I know "good weed" and "normal weed"


Maybe your government is corrupt and not only accepts the growing/selling of weed, but almost enforces it? That would drive the prices down. I'm just shooting in the dark here.

I know that if I want a good weekend here, I'll be reaching deep into my pockets when I run into the shop. Same reason I buy from a dealer. Knocks a few bucks off.


I was spending about $15 a gram , but I found really good comercial for $100 for 3/4 an Oz.


Higher grade would be an understatement.

That stuff on the islands is pretty much the exact opposite of the exotic strains available in CA, BC, Holland etc -- stuff that just has no business being as potent as it is.

Or to put it another way, you get much larger quantity down in the Caribbean because it takes that much to feel much of anything.


Americans are retarded when it comes to weed man.When I was on holidays with my friends in Berlin,my friend ripped so many idiots off,selling like a gram for 25 euro,and telling them it was a good deal.And then the Americans(always students) used to rant on about how they considered themselves experts,and how the weed in the States was soooooooo good.

Fucking idiots.


Ummm your profile says your from Ireland, which means u probably only get soapbar.....

Unless u know the grower, the names don't mean shit. Wigsa, when Ireland gets better weed, infact when Ireland gets weed, let me know...

If you dont know who your buying from in the states, you can get shit. Most people don't know what the fuck they are talking about saying this is kush, this is white widow; its just a bunch of dick sizing.

Oh and when your in a place you don't have connections, expect to pay a "tourist tax".

Depends on the size of a joint, when you buy in half oz/full oz, I was getting about $8.50 a gram. The quality was the best I ever found in Reno. Really depends on who you go through, some is shit and some is dank. You really have to build connections to get good bud there.

Next sack we can compare pictures :-D.


People around here only sell grams for 20 (and still dealers will skimp these bags like seriously?). Fuckin' rip off if you tell me. No one barely sells 1/8ths. Out west where I used to live. I could get a fat sack probably like 4-5 grams for 50 bucks. Even better once you got more and more. That fluffy skunky stuff.

People are stingy as hell nowadays. I know it's about money and all but it's a real scandalous trade if you're an idiot and don't know jack.

My friend sold kush all the time. He called it strawberry kush just so it could make a bigger impact on you. Fruity as hell though. One hit quit shit.

Purpz and blueberry yum yum are the only strains I can tell easily. All the others who fuckin' knows, you have over 400 strains and people make new ones just for fun like it's a hobby all the time. So if some one hypes some shit up, it better be medical grade and should have the strain on the enclosed bag.

I'm trying to quit, fuck I want to blaze a blizze like no other right now. fuck you op, you bastard.


All depends on the dealer. If it's someone you're cool and close with, you could some Master Kush (or anything fire) for like $40 for an 1/8th, at best.

Some of the douche bags will TRY charge you $55-$65.