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Gran Turismo 5


I've never been a huge fan of racing games, but GT has always sucked me in since the originals. I have to say I'm really enjoying the latest installment. Even though it took them 6 years to put it out on the market.

So, what do you others who are playing think of the game?


i've never been a fan of racing games myself, and after playing gt5 this weekend with my brother i can say my opinion of them has not changed. given all the hype over this game i found it severely underwhelming.


What you got to say about that CHIP? Huh? LOL

I like GT4, Play it once in a while with the whole force feedback racing wheel and pedals. It's fun. Never played GT5 yet.



I like it a lot, V. In response to it being extremely overhyped; Well yes, I think any game that is hyped that big is going to fall short of those extreme expectations.

After 6 years of development I'm sure there's a list of things people could say the game is lacking. I personally didn't sit on my ass waiting in anticipation for the game to be released. So overall, I find it satisfying.

The graphics are outstanding. The car selection is great. This game is most likely the closest I'll come to driving an R8 V-10 around Nurburgring :slight_smile:

Haven't tried it online yet. Will get to that sooner or later.

So SUCK ON THAT! :wink:


hahaha, y'all are crazy :slight_smile: my lackluster response to the game is more due to me finding racing games incredibly boring than the actual game itself. i will freely admit that the game is beautiful to look at and has more cars than i can fathom ever wanting to drive. i didn't actually expect to enjoy the game so i wasn't disappointed that i didn't. i'm sure that anyone who enjoys racing games will be in love with this as it's clearly the pinnicle of the genre at the moment.


I got super annoyed every time they delayed the game, and I wasn't even looking forward to it. I wanted it to flop out of pure spite. I haven't played it, but a friend just bought it and has no idea what took them so long to finish developing it.


The GT series are my favorite playstation games and I can't wait for Santa to give me my copy. :slightly_smiling:


The leveling system is really good. Keeps it exciting. Certain cars and events are certain levels. You can't play them until you reach that level. The special events section is really fun. Racing around the Top Gear track? Awesome.

Though the special events and licensing stuff can get annoying when racing against others. This is due to the fact that if you even slightly bump another car you are DQ'd. That becomes a real pain in the ass when you are driving balls out trying to place in a race. Nothing wrong with a lil bump n grind...


I freaking loved the first one on Playstation. I always felt like it went downhill from there. Too simmy for my tastes, but I can see why people still enjoy it. I thought Test Drive Unlimited was far greater, even though they're two completely different games.