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Gran Torino on DVD


Any one els stoked that this comes out on DVD next week?


I am, definitely!

I really quite enjoyed the movie, and I'm not even a big Clint Eastwood guy.




I'm excited! Can anybody tell?


Not many people can play a disgruntled ass man like Clint Eastwood can, this movie kinda reminded of Heartbreak Ridge without the war part.


What are your favorite quotes from this outstanding movie?

"Get me another beer, Dragon Lady!!"


This movie taught me a whole slew of new racist slurs to add to my vocabulary. I will definitely be purchasing it.


You want to hear about awkward? Try watching Gran Torino in a theater, completely surrounded by Asian people.


"Shut up pussy! These guys don't wanna be your bro's and I don't blame them. Get your faggot candy ass out of here"

"Ever come across a guy you don't fuck with?" spits "That's me"

"Get off my lawn"

"You should be happy Yum Yum even likes you Toad, God knows what the hell she sees in you."


I thought this was one of the best movies I have seen in a while...I little bit of common sense and manliness coming out of a Hollywood full of d-bags with straight brimmed hats and skinny jeans.


Should I be?

I have it on my computer but couldn't understand Clint's raspy voice so I need to wait for subtitles.


A Mexican, a Jew, and a colored guy go into a bar.........

That one had the whole theater rolling.


Yes, the scene were he had the Garand in the gang bangers face was priceless. Second best scene was when the black douchebag was looking in the barrel of a 1911.


We are greatly indebted to Eastwood for his badassery throughout the years and his collection of slurs in this film.


Amen, not many like him.


Jack ass Spike Lee should have kept his predictable criticisms of "Flags of Our Father's" to himself. Shortly after, Eastwood gets the last laugh with Gran Torino's success.




Gran torino,taken and defiance im all psyched for


i agree this was one of the best movies ive seen in a long time.... "what are you spooks up to" ha i got a kick out of that one


I'm putting it on my Netflix que. I heard it was good but have yet to see it.