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Grams of Whey per Shake?


Just wondering how many grams whey you all have in one shake?

I have 45 grams whey per shake (contains 38 grams protein) - I have 5 shakes a day, and maybe one in the middle of the night if I wake up.

I wonder if 45 grams per shake is overkill?


seems like you are relying on shakes way too much. do you eat solid food? the whole diet must be taken into account before anyone can give you specific criticism. what is the rest of your diet looking like?



Why are you having 5 shakes a day? Are you doing a V-diet?


Why you have so much shakes anywhey?


45 grams of protein in a shake is not overkill. 5 shakes a day is. Try to get 75% of your daily protein from solid food and 25% from Suppliments.


I understand your point and you are correct but for some people(like me), 5 shakes is a necessity. My parents don't want me to eat that much meat and eggs so i have 5 shakes a day otherwise i would only be eating 150g of protein a day. This kid probably doesn't need that many, but i'm just saying some do.


Doesn't that put your daily intake at about 350 grams per day? 150 from solid food plus 5 shakes at 40 grams each......350 per day?


Sorry, that was a typo haha. Without the shakes i would be at 50g a day, not 150g.


this confuses me


unless you're talking about the serving size weight with all macros included


How much do you weigh?





I have 4 eggs for breakfast with oatmeal and protein shake; mid morning is fruit and protein shake, post gym is protein and fruit; lunch is chicken, sweet potato and veggies, afternoon is tuna and veggies; late afternoon is protein and fruit, dinner is say chicken or beef and veggies and small serving brown rice; before bed is a protein pudding.


Weight per shake is 45 grams - actual protein per shake is 38 grams.. hope that clears that up.

I get my protein so cheap, and including my meat/fish/eggs etc, I get about 1.5 grams protein per pound bodyweight. I realise that many people may argue that I one should get 70% of their protein from solid food, but that just doesn't fit into my schedule, and I struggle to eat that much food - so I have a lot of shakes :slight_smile: and it has paid off.

Until two years ago I was having 5 meal replacement shakes on top of as much food as I could eat. I did that for 4 years and trained 6 days a week (no cardio) and went from 125lbs to over 200lbs. In the last 2 years I dump the meal replacements, revamped my diet and use only whey protein now. So I guess having loads of shakes has become habit. But it has been very beneficial.

Anyway, thanks for the comments - I'll try and cut down to 4 shakes a day, and force in one more solid form protein a day


I forgot to mention that I cook all meat in olive oil, and have almonds and other nuts throughout the day. So I do include my fats.

Lastly, my supps are: Whey protein, 3 grams Fish oils, multi vit, vit B, vit C, Magnesium and Zinc, and lots of green tea.

In terms of my goals, I am now around 200 lbs at 15.5% BF - I want to get the BF down to around 12% while staying at the same weight. Hence the reason my snack times are just protein and some low calorie fruit. I know some guys will suggest switching some of the fruit for veggies, but I love my fruit, even if it is high in fructose, it's low in calories.


Cheers :slightly_smiling:


I have 25 grams per shake alone with bcaa's, extra leucine and good stuff.

I agree with a lot of previous statements. Food is the way to go. You should eat a small meal every 1-3 hours.
Protein shakes are if u have to miss a meal or added protein to ur pre and post workout meals. Seperated 30 minutes apart.


Though probably unrelated to the OP's issue, I read that Manny Pacquiao consumes 7,000 calories a day including several protein shakes while training AND waking up twice a night to chug two more. And that's just to MAINTAIN his tiny stature. Just thought that was really interesting, though he's about 10x more active than the most hardcore bodybuilders out there.


Wow - that's a crazy load of calories!