Grams of Protein When Overweight?

I have a question about the rule of thumb of the amount of protein in the diet (1 to 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight). I'm an endomorph body type, which of course means lots of cardio and very strict diet.

My question - my BF is 27% (used to be 36%). Should I be aiming to have 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight or total body weight? Are there other specific things I should take into consideration regarding my diet, beyond the general “less than you burn” advice? All the articles I can find are geared for those with normal or low BF. I appreciate any input I can get. Thanks.

That rule is for people with a high lean body mass ratio. How about if you take enough protein for your target weight? That should be more than enough to develop more muscle tissue. It ought not to have an effect on fat loss since it is carbs that are fat-sparing, not protein…

That’s what I was thinking - just didn’t want to go down that path without some confirmation.

I use 1.25g per pound of lean body mass.

the point is to keep as much muscle as possible as you diet.

You workout to stimulate the muscles enough so that they still want to exist while in caloric deficit

You need protein to keep the muscle and strength you have.

There are articles on this topic, but it all depends varying on what type of diet you are on

sorry…in my last post I did not post an amount.

Yes, I would think 1g per pound… IF NOT MORE