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Not "y-a".

"I couldn't care less."

Not "I could care less."



Irregardless of ur wishes, being teh grammar police on the interweb is pointless.

PS... For those that might miss it, I HATE the use of "irregardless"


I could care less what you think.


your wrong with you're stupid grammer police!1!one

Can you tell which ones I dislike?


Finally someone else! I hate it so much when people say it like that, they should think before spouting butchered versions of hackneyed phrases.


Me too. I'm actually shocked to see how many people use that! It's the most retarded thing EVER.


I is da smartist person alive.


That's a negative Pink Leader.


...you mean light urple.


It's actually not retarded. You can slice it many ways and it still makes sense.

Why do people assume the less refers to my current state of caring? I may be refering to how much you care. I could care less than you do about this subject.

You telling me something. I tell you I could care less. That means literally, I could care less and probably do. Care less than what? I don't know. Less than you, perhaps, since you're the one that thinks it's so important to tell me. It's complete indifference, a lack of caring.

So even if you take it literally, it can make sense, but you being anal for trying to interpret a colloquialism literally. Also, this topic has been done before.



If you think the grammar sucks on message boards and forums, you really need to experience the lack of education and non-existant command of the English language in the military. People basically advertise their low I.Q. and lack of a functional brain with 8.5"x11" signs on pretty much every single wall. Some days I hate to show up and be made to feel embarassed by my peers.