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Grammar Nazi


Even funnier if you've seen "Inglorious Basterds"



lol.. i hate grammar nazis.. i subscribe to the idea that language is dynamic and morphs with time.. shakespeare is a good example of this, having contributed much of the language himself


Ok but; if your using im-proper grammar than sometimes you just come of looking stupid.




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"Improper" does not require a hyphen.


I LOVE Christoph Waltz in that role! BINGO!


The use of the semi-colon is inappropriate as well.


I genuinely can't tell if you guys are being facetious at this point or not.


I don't mind people correcting my grammar unless the intention is to undermine my argument or something like this. English is my third language and I'm always up for improvement.


Bludy gramer Nartzees! There so dum...


You don't need to go all high-end like "Oh my! Did you split an infinitive my good sir?!"

Just don't call people Grammar Nazis when they point out that you just wrote "Your wrong and alot to stupid." and that it was incorrect.

Making mistakes like that just means that you really never pay attention at any time and you don't understand the fundamentals of English.


This if the only way one can win an argument is to straw man and correct a person's grammer then it is a fail.

Also Edevus much props I can barely speak and understand one language




THIS is better! Thanks again internet!


Heh, thanks. I'm not that good at learning languages, but I'm damn stubborn...


Facetious or not, they are making accurate corrections to actual mistakes.


I'll agree that there are traditional grammatical conventions that we can let go. Split infinitives and sentence-ending prepositions? These are impossibilities in Latin, and applying them as rules of good grammar to English (a Germanic language), is unnecessarily pedantic. "However" as a post-positive conjunction? I can only use it that way myself, but I'd never correct anyone else; it just doesn't matter to 99% of the English-speaking population.

In my opinion, however, spelling should still be considered important.