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Would there be any benefit to throwing in some HCG 1/2 way through and again at the end of Brock’s gramabol cycle (even if I’m using clomid)? Just want to keep the nuts as happy as possible!!

I would not worry about it. I had very little shrinkage while just using the clomid until the end. The HCG is only good for increasing testicular size and can be inhibitive of natural production. I still suggest that arimidex, possibly o.25mg per day, be used along with the clomid. All the extra estrogen in my system had a tremendously negative impact during the cycle and when coming off. People are NOT going to want to be around you.

You know in the old 16week cycles, this was a common thing to do. But, that was before Clomid was thought effective. I think that in a 10 week cycle using clomid, it isn’t necessary.

Thanks for your responses… John, did you get a case of PMS!!! Also, I do like the ari, I’m on a different cycle of eq and enanthate right now, using ari and clo and have NO sides!!

Let’s just say that for 6 weeks I was not a good person to be around, which is VERY unusual. A few messy situations did occur as well as major depression. I’ve learned my mistake and will never make it again.