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Has anyone tried this? I have done a few cycles back in H.S. but I had no idea what I was doing. Will I done my share of research, and I know how to do what and when. This cycle seams a little crazy, but it also sounds like one hell of a way to pack on some serious size. What is a reasonable amount of weight should I expect? One last thing, if I were to stack it, which would be best, Primo or Winnie?
Sorry for the long post. Thanks for the help!

I am on the gramabol cycle right now but with a few changes. I took 25mg anabol/day and starting the second week I shot 2cc’s of Sustanon every third day. I must say that I am able to gain just as much while I’m off, the only difference is I feel more solid. Started at a bodyweight of 204.5 lbs. Now it is 22 days later and I’m up to 230 lbs, hopefully I will reach 250. I’m naturally a strong person and gain strength very quickly so the gains I have made so far do not seem much greater. Went from dumbell pressing 125’s to 145’s for 5 sets of 8. Water retention is a bitch, even clomid at 100mg/day doesn’t get rid of it all. My hair falls out every time I brush my fingers through my hair even though I do not have the male pattern baldness trait in my family. I am ordering proscar tomorrow to help slow the loss. I had a slight increase in acne but it is now controlled with tanning and suffered a few nose bleeds as well. If I had to do it over I would probably use Trenbolone Acetate, 100mg/day, and Stanazolol, 50mg/day, instead. Also a few shots of sustanon on the first day would be taken.