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I am on a Gramabol cycle right now.Nov17 is last day will start clomid and HGH at 2iu for 1 month then go to 4iu.I am plainning on staying on the HGH for 6month.Has any 1 done this and did it work for you.I am using the HGH to keep growing tell the next cycle.By doing this i think there will be very little to no gains lost while i was on.

Are you going to be using clomid post cycle?? By the way, how do you like that cycle anyhow??

I will be useing clomid post.I love this cycle it’s better then my first i am at 275 at 16% so i am fuck loveing it.I am useing 1300mg week of Test E/Prop,Tren at 100mg ed,Dbol at 70mg ed.This is a 10 week cycle.Do you think the HGH is going to help keep my gains up.I will be do 1 more gramabol 10 weeks after Nov17.I will be in peak HGH cycle can’t wait.

I would not use the GH for a consistant 6 months. I’ve used it for 3 months subsequent to a cycle before with spectacular bf loss and no gains lost from the cycle the previous cycle. However there was a bit of a rebound when I went off. I’ve been reading quite a bit lately and theres a theory that after 2 weeks the endogenous igf1 or hgh production is inhibited. Nobody seems to know how to restore this like they do with endogenous testosterone levels. My latest plan for using gh is 2wks on 2 off for the period of time that I am using it, I’ll see how that goes. I’ve read so much conflicting stuff on HGH protocals that I’ve just about given up on thinking that anybody knows anything about it at all. I know that when I’ve used it I’ve been winging it. But it can be pretty scary, I never have been a genious but I like to atleast know somewhat what I am doing prior to doing it…

Hey spook, can you point me to those readings? I would love to be able to gather more knowledge and to give some of it to my doc.


What were your daily doses like? I agree it has been very hard to find any defintive info on GH protocal.

I’d see an article by VPX claiming that a 3 x weekly injections followed by the use of “their” gh product would keep natural levels up. Dont know if I buy that, but there isnt much eles for info out there.

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I believe taking GHB before bedtime (a reasonable dose like 5 grams) is quite effective at raising HGH levels secreted. There have been several studies which prove it yet, I wont be able to point anyone to them. just use a search engine.