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Grains - Good or Bad?


Are grains good for you or bad? I'm talking raw oats and brown rice and whole grain breads?


No! Stay away from them.They'll eat away at your muscle,then give you cancer.


And protein.
My GOD stay away from THAT shit.

white bread and jiff. that's the hot stuff.

Yes, grains are good for you.
You're getting made fun of because that's a bit like asking if water is good for you.

HOWEVER. Something that is driving me nuts lately, i'm sure others have noticed, that "Whole Grain" is the new buzz word in packaging these days.
Taken the place of "Low Carb".

The irritating thing is that everything can be called whole grain. White bread comes from whole grains.
Can't say how many hyper processed breakfast cereals i see that say "whole grain" on them now.

What you want to look for is FIBER.
That is one of the big reasons "whole grains" are good for you.

So if you see anything that says whole grain, turn the box over and see how much fiber is in a serving.


RAW oats - meaning uncooked? Or meaning large flake oats, not instant. Large flake oatmeal or steel cut oats are great - but cook them.

Also, if you want to be anal about quality bread, make sure it's 100% whole grain, preferably stoneground (not brown wonderbread), and with no added sugar (and preferably minimal added oil). A lot of 'multigrain' bread is basically white bread with 12 kinds of seeds tossed in.


Actually,if the Fatkins diet wasn't around I would think this was a dumb question.However,with the whole" carbs are evil" movement that has been going on these days I now expect these kind of questions. When you do eat whole grains,make sure they're whole grains and/or sprouted grains bread.

Your best bet would be looking for all natural/organic sprouted grain breads.The kind I use is pretty high in fiber and protein,and has no flour or sugar-they're sprouted grains. Make sure you read the labels before buying the bread.Now days they're adding HFCS and trans fats to bread,which is sad,but true.


The reason i ask is the research showing they are bad. Inhibit protein digestion and possibly even cause cancer:



Grains don't cause cancer.No food group causes cancer.However,how it's made and where it comes from can make you sick. A lot of vegetarians say fish is unhealthy because of the sea and oil.But if you eat organic fish you won't have that problem.You see? You can either eat some cheap,wheat bread that has a lot of added sugar,high fructose corn syrup,trans fats,and ingredients that your body won't recognize,or you can eat freshly,organic sprouted grain bread that was made with care and is something your body will recognize.Bread was a huge part of the roman and jewish diet.They've made bread for the past 2,000 years.Their race weren't dying of cancer because they ate bread.


Good. I love's my grains!! Thanks for putting it in perspective for me.


Save the good grains for post workout.


No problem.