Graduated to Real Dips

Starting from scratch it took me about 5 montths to graduate from assisted dips to bodyweight dips

What kind of chest, tricep and shoulder exercises are you curently doing?

chest: barbell/dumbbell bench/inlcine/decline,
push ups (wide grip and close grip), dumbbell/cable flyes

Tricep: dips, french press, press/pulldowns, close grip bench, kickbacks, skullcrushers

Shoulder: shoulder press (standing or sitting), lateral raises (standing or seated) front raised, bent over lateral raises (rear delts), upright rows, shrugs, military press

these are all lifts that will help you when it comes to lifting. just remember to split different muscle groups to different days.

for example: i do chest/arms on monday and friday, legs on tuesday/ thursday, and back/shoulders on wednesdays,


Lasts night’s chest routine consisted of Low Incline barbell bench press four sets, followed by flat barbell bench for four sets, then three sets of body weight wide grip dips, and then two sets of all out strict form push ups. I mix these exercises up week to week for chest.


dumbbell bench
reverse grip bench
push press
upright rows
various raises
bradford press

not all in the same session

Nothing helped me get stronger at dips than doing more dips. I remember when body weight dips were a struggle, now I can do sets of 5 with 135lbs added. Same concept that helped me get better at chins - Practice, practice, practice.

Thanks guys, I was just curious. I’m gonna need to track down a dips belt soon to add resistance, I’m not really coordinated enough to hold a DB between my legs

Don’t worry about a dip belt for the time being, just get a DB and hold it between your thighs. Cross you legs at the ankle to keep it locked in. It may feel awkward at first but you will get the hang of it.

Nice work on graduating to proper dips, keep at it.

Chest: flat wide grip bench is a staple, de/re/floorpress/close grip varied every few weeks

Shoulders:military/jerk press

tricep:all of the above I used to do pushdowns but they never really improved my bench at all, maybe when I’m benching bigger weights tricep work will be warrented.

I love close grip bench presses and weighted dips.