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Graduate Programs Online>?

I posted this in the forum with JB, but want to get other opinions.

What do you think of online graduate programs? I came across the Acadamy of Nutrition website and was very interested, but a little skeptical. I also saw the Dr.Tim Ziegenfuss was one of the advisors. The only reason I am looking into this is because I am the Food Service Director at a university. I work 10-14 hour days which leaves me with little time to do anything else. I have a degree in dietetics and currently persuing a C.S.C.S. The website says that the program is accredited, but I would like to here some of oyur opinions and suggestions. Sorry for any misspellings, I am in a hurry because i’m at work. Sorry if this is off topic, but I would like to know.


I’m currently doing this through the University Of London. I’m pursuing a masters degree in epidemiology. I think it really depends on the individual. For me it was the only way I could get a master’s since I am working full time and am not in driving distance of a school which offers my program.

As for the program, I think it is actually a little harder than “regular” school. You really have to be motivated and be able to learn mostly from books. My program has the same measures (test papers, etc.) as it’s “regular” counterpart, so if I get an A it’s the same, it’s just going to be harder for me to get an A.

As for how reputable this type of degree is, I would only do it through regular universities. I’m not sure if I’d do it through a University of pheonix or similar.

Why is it that most online degree programs always seem to offer the same-ol’ boring degrees? University of Pheonix has admin, accounting, etc… Is it simply because these are the most popular degrees? Who the hell would want to go to grad school for accounting? No offense to anyone here who has, but it just doesn’t seem very motivating.