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Gradually Decreasing Calories?

I recently gained a fairly lean 20 lbs using the peri-workout protocol (the one with the Surge products) and I am now looking to lose some extra fat (and in the meantime restoring some of my insulin sensitivity) before trying this again.

While on my fatloss phase i planned on using some creatine, bcaas, and some Power Drive (in case i just need the extra focus), in addition to some whey and while decreasing the peri-workout calories.

Ultimately, I was wondering if it is better to simply cut off calories from say 3200 to 2000 for 4 weeks or if i should slowly reduce my overall caloric intake, ie by first reducing the peri-workout calories and then slowly taking out around 200 calories every week.

id like to know people’s thoughts and reasoning on this subject, since obviously i am interested in maintaining as much muscle mass as possible while not spending too long on a diet.