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Gradual Overtraining...I think I can, I think I can..


Is overtraining a gradual thing or does it happen all at once. For example I'm outlining a pretty intense workout. 4 days on, 2 days off and then repeat. Would I get some results for a few weeks and then get the overtraining "symptoms" or would my body be mad at me right from the start. Please, any advice would be great. Would glutamine and Surge help put off the overtraining as well?


i think there is a really fine line between undertraining and overtraining, just keep a log of ur training and if u see u are not getting stronger u are probaly overtraining, and i am sure glutmine and surge would help, but y would u train 4 days in a row the why not 2 on,1 off, 2 on, 1 off, repeat still training 4 times in 6 days


you actually might want to be overtraining. Its called wave proggression (as opposed to linear). Over train for like 4 weeks. Then on the 5th and/or 6th cut the workload to 60%. Thats when you'll get the gains.


Overtraining is an actual physiological state that has a lot of symptoms associated with it, like inability to sleep, fatigue, lifts going down, etc. It gradually occurs due to overreaching over and over again without giving yourself time to recover. Overreaching on the other hand is doing more than your body can normally handle in a session; overreaching actually isn't bad, in fact every time you go into the gym you're overreaching, so your body has to adapt to this stress by making itself stronger. The key is to get enough rest (include some active rest), acclimate yourself to a progressively higher volume of work over time (your body CAN adapt to more work by recovering more quickly), and pay attention to signs of overtraining. Surge and glutamine can help, but remember that your CNS may also become overtrained right along with your muscles (this can depend on the type of lifting you're doing). You may just need to give your CNS time to rest (decrease the load on certain days), although I think Powerdrive may help CNS recovery.