Gradual bumping of calories

When you guys bump your cals up after a cutting phase to transition into a different phase, how gradual is your caloric, and specifically carb, increase? It’s probably highly individual, but what would you say a general guideline would be? At 200lbs, and somewhat carb sensitive, I am wondering if bumping the carbs by 50g every five days along with around 30g of protein and 10g of fat (for a total of around 400 or so cals every five days) would be too quick of a jump…I would bump them every five days over the course of about 25 days with this plan.

Vain had some EXCELLENT ideas for slowly coming off a cutting phase…

Hope he’ll post them again (or refer us back to the post), because his methods were really sound…

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Anyway, in regards to the proposed, it will obviously depend on the nature of the cut cycle (i.e., keto or not). Since I am pressed for time at the current moment, I will suggest that in coming off a cut, the most important variable to pay attention to is overall caloric balance, not particular macronutrient ratios (assuming most of us here on this forum eat clean–low gi, good fats etc). The longer and more severe the cut, the harder to phase out without some sort of bingeing. As such, I have found that you should almost plan in a binge, but make sure you do it on low GI carbs and not to exceed 500-1000 over mntc. In addition, the binge allows a “resetting” to occur, such that the following day, you eat at hypocaloric levels once again, albeit gradually bumped up. Kinda similar to a CKD, but if you utilize the proper low GI foods, there really is no damage (based on my experience) and in fact, let me relate a personal exp.
I diet pretty severe keto style to attain usu. around 4-5.5% body fat. It becomes progressively harder to maintain this. However, I actually plan my binges and when I do, it’s basically bingeing on a whole box of Puffed Kashi or something similar (High fiber) which more or less severely limits the amount of “useable” kcal. I find that if I cut calories again the following day by a grand, my “time to catabolism” is almost half a day…so obviously with proper use of glucose disposal agents such as ALA, you can indeed make further progress cutting, all the while coming off the diet (without going strict keto again etc.). Since individual binge foods are different (Some more dangerous than others), I can only offer what I do. Sorry I am not giving precise caloric or macro breakdowns, but here are some real quick numbers assuming I am coming off a keto at average 1000 below mntc per day, literally starving:
I might eat 4,000kcal with approx 400 or so carbs one day (all low gi for the most part) and the subsequent day go back to around 150 or so carbs and on the third back to below 100, but not keto strict (30). All the while normal training takes place. In this manner, you can come off gradually. Think in terms of your body muscle storage capacity as a tank, you might load one day (low gi) and with lifting, it can accommodate little bits and bits as you phase off. Only fill ‘er up when there is room. Another good phase off choice is Natural peanut butter. I have typed up a detailed guide on how I come off in my spare time.
If you want, jump to my site at:

find me email addy and get to me, I’ll send you a copy. I update it as I see progress with myself, and I Hope it helps with everyone here. Keep in mind, its all about caloric balance.
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