Grade 3 AC Tear 5 Years Ago

I’m currently 25 years old. Got a shoulder injury in 2015 playing footy. The specialists I seen at the time all gave me the verdict it was a grade 3 AC tear. They advised me no surgery was required and to let it heal on it’s own, eventually strengthening it back up again. Which I did rest for the allocated time and slowly got back into rehab/work/lifting and the next year sport again. It never really felt right again though. 5 years down the track I still have soreness, whenever it’s cold it aches, it’s weaker than my other side and i can’t do any form of heavy pressing without pain for the next few days. I have avoided all overhead pressing movements until the last 2 weeks. After trying recently I figured that I should avoid them again. Any suggestions how to heal or strengthen it would be awesome. Cheers

It sucks. I found that (like Louie said) 90% of my shoulder pain is biceps tendon. After my tear, my right arm hangs about an inch lower than my left which makes it hard on the bicep tendon. Generally tough, I can do most any exercise. This biceps exercise does help me a lot.

Thanks mate I’ll give it a crack and see how it goes. My left hangs about an inch lower than my right so there ya go. Also is resting a little forward not just lower

Also, I rarely ever do any workout without warming and stretching the biceps. especially before deads, ohps, any pressing, etc.