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Grade 2 Muscle Pull in Lower Back


Long story short, Romanian deadlift at 450, on the seventh rep I leaned a little too far forward and pulled, earning me a trip to the hospital and a 'good' muscle pull in my lower back. (As described by the doc.) He said two weeks minimum before lifting at all and probably 4 weeks before doing anything serious with my back again; my question is at what percent should I start at when that time is up? What sort of rep count?

I currently follow the Dog Crapp agenda, have been for years. I'm 22 and am otherwise in good health, never had an injury before. Thanks all.



How much is the pain? Can you walk? Do some hypers with just your BW? Some planks? Walking at least? In my experience, sitting on my ass just as the docs said did nothing for my injuries, but if I pushed them just enough, while not doing something stupid, they healed up really quick.