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Grad studies

This question is for BR or anyone else who might know. What are some good medicinal chemistry or pharmacology graduate programs in North America. I am a Biochem honours student and I find that synthetic organic Chemistry is by far the most interesting thing I have studied (Org Chem is my thing, really) and if I could combine that with some endocrinology or something similar, it would be a really “kewl” career option.

It depends. Where do you live? I can name tons of great Chemistry grad schools in Canada (although I dont know too much about biochem).

Some choices in medicinal chemistry include Rutgers, Purdue, University of Kansas, University of Michigan,
University of Florida.

For the most part, medicinal chemistry
is the design or discovery of new pharmaceutical drugs, and not so much developing new organic synthesis techniques. You study advanced synthetic chemistry but it’s more from the standpoint of being self-reliant in your own research, able to make your own stuff.

I should clarify that statement about “more from the standpoint of being self-reliant in your own research.”

If the program is as with UF, the organic chemistry studies are from the Department of Chemistry and, if you prefer (as I did) are the same as someone getting a PhD in Organic Chemistry takes. But in terms of what you’ll do with it, generally speaking it would be as I said. If your interest is in being a synthetic organic chemist per se for a pharmacuetical company – making what other people designed or asked to be made, rather than doing the designing yourself – then generally speaking you’d probably be more employable getting the degree in organic chemistry per se and taking medicinal chemistry and pharmacology as electives.

Well, I am a McGill student miche. So go ahead and suggest universities.
Bill, cocerning designing new drugs, it definitely sounds better than just making what other people want, which I find interesting nevertheless, but the thing is I am SICK of molecular biology and working with frigging bacteria and yeast!!! So, I guess my question is: does the research involved in finding what to design involve going through the literature or spending endless hours growing cultures, doing gells and all that or maybe a combination of both. I like working as a chemist but simply hate molecular biology.