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Grad School

After reading many of John Berardi’s awesome articles on nutrition, I have decided to go to graduate school and get me a PhD in Exercise Phys / Nutrient Biochem. The problem is that I don’t want to go to Canada to do so. If anyone out there can suggest/recommend some schools that have this program, preferably in California, that would be great. Maybe some day I’ll be writing kick ass articles for T-mag, just like Berardi.


There are some very good schools in Cali, try UC-Berkely (sp)
UC at Davis
San Diego State Univ

They all have good programs and info online.

Good luck

Look at UC Davis, they are known for that. Most of the UC Campuses will have a program for you. Getting a doctorate is a huge committment. Its at least 3 years, and that assumes you have a Master’s Degree now. If not, add a year.

Thanks for the info guys.

I actually looked into UC Davis but that was one of the only schools besides USC that I could find that offers a PhD program. I looked at the UC Berkeley site but could not find a grad program involving exercise phys and nutrient biochem. The closest I could find was a PhD program in Nutrition.

thanks for the info guys…

cal poly san louis obisbo is a pretty good school, but i don’t know their over-grad program