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Grad school


Ok I got a serious question here. Now I want to get into med school, but I realize that it is very, very hard to get in. I'm thinking about back up careers, and was wondering what the hell I can do with my BSc Biology? I've considered education, but that's about it. I've also considered applying for a masters program, but do you need to do an honours degree first for that? If anyone has got some good tips for getting into med school I'd appreciate it.


Yes it is difficult to get into med school. But if you want it badly enough then it is very attainable. Just study for the MCATs (or equivalent), and keep plugging away at those applications. My dad didn't into any of the medical schools he first applied to. After contemplating med-school in Mexico, he ended up going to The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He is now extremely successful, as he was (term expired this year) the president of one of the biggest hospital chains (not sure if that is the correct nomenclature) in the United States.

Also there is a shortage of doctors (at least in the US), so it is a great profession to get into in today's market. Except for those damn insurance rates...but that is a different rant altogether. Good luck.


I don't know much about med school, but grad school, you don't need an honors degree, although it helps, undergrad research means a lot though, but if you haven't done it, no big worries, just apply and see where you get in, although I've heard it's easier to get accepted to a PhD track than an MS track, but that might just be in physics (what I'm goin for)


No honours needed that's a relief. I just overheard someone saying that you need honours and got a little worried. I was thinking of all the friggin clones out there that are just like me and the thousands that apply. I mean my gpa is pretty good actually and I have a decent resume with volunteering and activities, but it just seems like most everyone else headed that way does too.


Fuck the admissions officer!


If you want to be a teacher you could have a job by next week. There's a horrible shortage of science teachers everywhere!!


How are you at math? Epidemiology might be a way to go. And if you do become a doctor at some point I think having a degree in epi looks very good.


You could get an Associate Degree in Nursing in two years (since you already have a BS) and start out making $35 hr in any west coast major city. Only work 3 12hr shifts a week and make a good living. Plus, lots of variety and you can always get more degrees and speciallize.


Is it really that you want to get into med school or is it that you don't know what else to do with your biology degree?

Wasting energy on a backup plan diverts energy you could be spending trying to get into med school. If you REALLY want it you'll eventually get it provided you are persistant enough. This is assuming, of course, that you have the grades.

As for grad school, it's definately not something you'll want to do if you aren't absolutely interested in research. I'm there now and it takes everything I have to stay sane...and I like research. I can't imagine if I hated it.

Finally, if you're just looking for something to do after a degree (i.e., you don't necessarily just want to go to med school) I recommend that you read Rich Dad Poor Dad or The Wealthy Barber before making a career choice.