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Grad Prank

Alright so I’m graduating pretty soon, and me and my buddies need an idea for a grad prank. We were thinking of stupid shit like letting chickens loose in the school or smoke bombs on all entrances. I realize some people will respond with stupid remarks with no seriousness and by all means go for it, because we just might end up doing it anyways.

we took all the doors off the school at night

sounds lame, but you SHOULD NOT prank. I pranked and almost did not graduate and had to go before the county expulsion board. and i was the class president.


if you were gonna do something, i would recommend putting a bunch of chickens above the ceiling tiles. we did that and it was just funny as hell

Definitely do something. Just don’t slaughter game and leave them bleeding to death all over campus like they did at my school.

we actually just discussed something like releasing a shitload of crickets or cockroaches in the school, but maybe that’s too far…?

i’d say the cricket idea is good, cockroaches not so much. but it would take a shitload of crickets, several 1000 to make it worth while.

one of the pranks I had planned, but never fulfilled, was to get into school at night(i was a cheerleader and could have gone in after a basketball game or something, the coach was always letting us use the keys.)

and to go into one of the closet that holds all of our network wiring. the ethernet wires were all labeled. I thought it would be great to switch all the wires around, but then to relabel them to make it look like they were correct. it would take them a long time to figure out that was the problem.

all that ended up happening as far as pranks go though was during our awards assembly the day of graduation, someone lowered the american flag, then put a marine corp flag directly under it, and raised it again. no harm, no foul, and very patriotic, my friends recruiter that was there loved it for sure.

Bubble bath and rubber duckies in the fountain (if there is one) or the pool.

If your school has high ceilings, get some blowup dolls and fill them with helium or something.

Just don’t vandalize - it’s not cool and it can fuck up any plans you have of graduating.

edit: oh, and if you do decide to let chickens loose…

Tag then numerically, 1 - whatever number of them you have. Just skip a number in there somewhere, force them to search longer for the missing bird, and let them wonder what the hell ever happened to chicken #7 (or whatever) for years to come.

Did the cricket thing in my school. It was kind of funny but for some reason they died unbelievably fast.

Last day of senior year we all parked in the teachers spots at the school, bought a keg of root beer, grilled food and did keg stands while watching the teachers try to park in the morning.

Also it’s tradition at our school to have a massive water balloon fight when seniors graduate (were talking about 600+ kids). Good times that I wish I could go back to…

My uni has hosted some good pranks.

One that comes to mind is when when some students decided to call a road works team informing them that a group of students were parading around as police officers. They then called the police station saying that there was a group of students dressed as construction workers disrupting traffic. When the two groups clashed things got heated and a minor scuffle broke out, resulting in a bit of trouble for the pranksters…

There were some other good ones, but they’re before my time, so I don’t remember them all.

Some kids put bird feed all over our school and were going to let chickens loose…butttt they never got around to the chicken part so we just had bird feed all over our school…
And they locked all of our entrances, but the school fixed it all so no one noticed

If you have astroturf, think about rolling it back up. That’s what some kids are talking about because we just got astroturf installed two weeks ago.


This was at my high school. They’ve got videos of it up, too.