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Gracie Diet


just wondering if anyone knows anything about the gracie diet or has even followed it.




I found these using a search. Never heard of it until you mentioned it.


Theres a detailed overview in Royces book Superfit, which is also his workout. Apparently decades of research went into it but it just doesnt make sense to me. Neither does the tiny amount of food Royce eats, but im not Royce Gracie or a nutritional expert...


The diet looks like bull to me. And I think if Gracie changed his diet and began eating more protein and lifting he would be more of a force in mma as he was many years ago!


Diet has NOTHING to do with why he isn't a force in MMA now. How ridiculous...


Have to agree with ZEB here.

The diet tips are utter nonsense.


Gracie does lift & im pretty sure always has. Never like a body builder, but lots of high rep / high intensity stuff.