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Gracie Academy on LI

Has anyone trained at any of the Gracie Academies either in NYC or on Long Island? Basically, my question is are they worth the money if you are willing to put the time in? They’re pretty expensive and I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing. Any other suggestions for LI training would be great as well.

I have a good friend who trians at Matt Serra’s school in East Meadow. He has nothing but praise for the acedemy and the entire Serra family (Matt and his brother Nick both teach there). His new website is Serrajitsu.com and I’ve been considering checking out the program myself. Incidentally, have you signed up for the NYC/Metro T-cell? Godspeed.

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My son trained in New York and he said it was definitely worth it. He now lives in Japan and is training over there. It’s the real deal if you’re interested in serious Brazilian Ju Jitsu. You can pay by the month, so go for it for a month and then decide.

thanks for the replies. i was thinking about trying out serra’s academy in east meadow. and i haven’t signed up for the nyc t-cell yet. i’ll have to do that.