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GQ's Man of the Year


Is Jennifer Aniston?


Perhaps THATS why Brad left. Wasn't an abnormally large clit after all.

I think its bullshit. So what, she got dumped and went on and ..she did what?

So we should give this to Nicole Kidman as well perhaps?


I got dumped once, how come I'm not GQ's man of the year? Hell, at least I have a penis.


I say it's a safe bet that she won't sweep the category and walk away with the prestigious T-Man of the Year award.


I agree with that one...It's just kind of scary to me to think that this is what's going on in our society. Believe me, I have NOTHING against women...but Men of The Year awards should go to men. Call me crazy...And Women of The Year awards should go to women.


Pop culture continues it's downward spiral.


Saw her on Late Night with Conan recently. The most depressingly braindead boring person I have ever seen interviewed. Also the worst fake laugh ever.


And those are her GOOD qualities! :slight_smile:


Jen is supposed to have some pretty hot pics in the latest issue of "GQ"...



Thats why Brad and Jen got married. They are both braindead and boring. One time I saw Brad Pitt interviewed and he got asked an off the cuff question (not scripted) and he was like a deer in the headlights. Both are as thick as two bricks and the jury is out on exactly how good Jen's acting is....


that makes about as much sense as sdjflkjsdlfk


Heard it was gonna be Kayne West


I don't have too much of a problem with Brad's acting, but I definitely think whenever he's in a first rate movie he's usually acting along side someone with incredible talent. Say what you will about his performance in fight club, but Edward Norton made the movie.

BTW, is Brad really as bad as Aniston in the interview? Watching her talk made me want to run into the gas fireplace and turn it on full blast. I'm absolutely certain that hell is a place where you just watch Jennifer Aniston get interviewed a thousand times and then Satan has mercy on you and makes your head explode.

Haha, nice one!