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I need some GPP ideas. Aside from sled dragging what is everyones favorite?

Pick up a heavy weight and move it up a hill. Rest at the top of the hill, get the weight to the bottom, repeat.

heavy bag/thai pads/focus mitts

sled dragging, as you said —also, wheel burrow walks,sandbag training,tire flipping,car pushing/pulling,etc.

sledge hammer training

various calisthenics/“light” plyometrics(burpees/jump rope)

sprints of varying distances

Need a GPP workout?..

Hee hee hee…

First, here are the tools:

Backpack filled with weights (I work with 65 lbs)
Enough distance of around 50 to 100 m

As for the name…

Save the tiny Asian chick from the fat Drunken Obsessive Fetish Fiending White Pervert!

Basically, you place the tire and the back pack together, which represents the big old pervert (the tire) attempting to score with an Asian chick (the weighted back back). You, as an “entrepreneur,” start about 50 meters away from the tire and backpack, holding the sledgehammer in your hand.

Seeing an “opportunity,” you sprint forward with your sledgehammer and begin whacking the tire for two minutes. After two minutes of beating up this pervert with your weapon, you drop the sledgehammer and pick up the Asian chick (back pack).

Then you sprint back to the start. You see, all of a sudden, the chick gets so horny from your heroic beating of the pervert, she wants to screw you! So drop the back pack, and do a 3 round circuit of the following exercises (with no breaks at all):

V-ups (Foreplay!)
Hindu Squats (This move looks like humping to me…)
Burpees (A little too forceful…)
[Numbers depend on your athleticism]

Once finished the circuit, you have to pick up the back pack again and return her back to her home (which is beside the big old perverted tire). Of course, when you return and drop off the chick (backpack), you see that pervert is doing her sister! So you repeat the process to beat the pervert and do her sister!

The number of sets of all of the above depend on how many sisters you want to save/screw.

I have too much free time…


That is hilarious! Whatever it takes to get through a workout, eh?

whats is your gpp goals…there is a deep stream of gpp that each sport demands…reaching the stream results in perfection crossing the stream results in death…bm

Thanks Mike!

I forgot to add, but you could replace the weighted back pack runs with farmer’s walks. (Billyboy mentioned using this instead of using the backpack)

Doin’ some searching and found this topic. Hope I can revive it.

I’m looking to establish several GPP exercises for a client. I’ve spent the last few weeks with a new client that hadn’t trained in several years (10 or more). I started with light weight training, cardio, and lots of stretching; however, I need to take a different direction with him. I thought that using a more dynamic approach might be necessary for a few weeks to build up his GPP. I made a mistake and he is not ready for the kind of weight training I had him doing (even at super light weight). As a result of doing some straight-leg dead lifts with 95 lbs., he lost his form and cramped his back.

Anyway, I need some help with some creative GPP exercises. Anymore ideas? Waterbury’s article was great, but I want more.