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what are some alternatives to sled dragging that i can do for gpp(in Preseason)? I am even a little confused as to what gpp is and how frequent i should do it.

Hey Paul,
Sled dragging is a form of weighted GPP, which has a different purpose than non-weighted GPP. If you read Caoch Davies/Renegade Training articles you will find variations and applications. Based upon another thread you started, you may find it more beneficial and quicker if you get hold of Coach Davies via e-mail.

Paul - first of all you answered your own question “pre-season”. I am assuming your are entering camp and joy of 2-a-days. Please correct me if I am wrong. However, if this is the case, I would STRONGLY suggest that you spend your “extra” time on additional skill related work and basic in-season strength work.

Good luck.

In faith,

Coach Davies