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How exactley does GPP elevate your work threshold? I can understand it’s restorative properties, but I’m miffed as to the work threshold elevation. Any comments, especialy Coach Davies is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The sleds that Westside uses get blood flowing to the muscle to take away any toxins (lactate, etc) that might be in there. The exercise is all concentric, so it won’t mmake you sore. That’s one way of increasing work load. If the bad stuff can get taken away more quickly, an athlete can handle training more often, or more intensly, etc.

So the in a sence faster recovery is the higher work threshold?

Weighted GPP work is primarily concentric as Drax mentioned. This allows you to do more work and some really heavy work without suffering the consequences of soreness. If you can regularly increase the amount of work you do in a given time period, you have increased your work capacity (ability to move more weight per unit time). This is why GPP work is a perfect compliment to a well constructed weight training program.

GPP raises your work capacity. If you have a higher fitness level your body will tolerate high work loads better, and consequently recover faster…also aids in recovery through increased blood circulation etc…hope that helps.

Thanks for all the info.

Waay back when I was a runner we used to do all our drills in waist-deep water in a swimming pool once a week. That was all concentric & afterwards I felt like $1,000,000.