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GPP Workout at Home?

I’m trying to find gpp workouts I can do at home w/ light dumbbells or bands. I also have a pullup bar and an ab wheel. Can’t do sled drags or other similar things. Any help would be appreciated.

Try googling Ross Enamait, he has many GPP workouts out there that only require your body, for example how many burpees can you do in 10 minutes. He also has a ton of GPP that require minimal equipment, such as light dumbells and a chin up bar. You don’t need an expensive sled, however Ross has an article online on how to build on for cheap by using rope and a snow sled. Setiosuly check him out.

When you say “GPP”, you basically mean cardio/conditioning. So, yeah, there are tons of things you can do with light dumbbells, bands, a pull-up bar, and your bodyweight.

Complexes are one way to get cardio session with lighter weights. This is one “GPP” plan than just uses bodyweight exercise and a pull-up bar. This is another article with some ideas you should be able to use if you make good exercise substitutions where needed.