GPP Work??

I really dont’ have access to sand bags and I’ve been doing a considerable amount of sled dragging for a few months. Commercial gyms are a pain in the ass! There just aren’t enough gyms for serious lifters in my area. So if anyone has implemented something innovative to replace the usual GPP excercises I’d any input would be great!

this should help you out;

it’s Chad Waterbury’s “GPP ASAP” article

Mod Eno

I’ll second that: try the GPP ASAP routne! I have been following it for four weeks to the day, and unlike most of my workout routines, I am not going to stop doing it as it’s just too good to not do (but I will reduce this routine to 1-2 times or so a week, and add other “GPP” stuff to mix it up).

I thought I was pretty fit, for an old fart anyway. I was wrong. Here’s my starting stats, following the routine to the letter:

Hybrid 1 - total 51 reps
Hybrid 2 - total 42 reps
Walking lunges - total 54 reps

And after four weeks:

Hyb. 1 - 89 reps
Hyb 2 - 95 reps
Wlk. Lunges - 68 reps

And that’s with 1min 30s rest - down from two mins. Some of my improvement was from technique, but most of it is because of what it does to you:
It is a fantastic workout that wipes me out for hours. I typically do it AM in the week - I’m grateful for a desk job for the rest of the morning.

I’m probably doing Meltdown I from next week (maybe Poliquin’s workout - not yet decided), and I believe GPP ASAP will serve me well as a pre-conditioning routine.