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GPP Warmup

When reading old trading logs I consistently see a gpp warmup being done prior to the main session. They sound like something that I may want to implement into my training. Could someone please give the details of this warmup.

Here are some more specific questions that I have:

  1. Are these exercsies for warm up only, and do the regular number of your accessory lifts?
  2. How many lifts do you typically do for the warmup?
  3. Does this consist of your whole warmup or do you still do mobility drills for the body parts that you would work?
  4. How long do you does the warmup typically take?

Thanks in advance for all the help.

There is a section in The 8 keys taht talks about doing a short warm up ( like 2 sets 10 for abs, lats, GHR and maybe some jump rope). The progression is after a while this work out would, turn into a extra workout later in the day (with 4 sets of how many ever reps). Big Martin also used this a lot when he had his work out log on T-mag. He would be the guy to ask.
Good luck

Big Martin, any advice?

It’s all about GPP in the beginning.

I have been doing this for the last few years and it literally helped me more than any thing…they did 3 huge things for me… 1. they increased my work capacity big time…2.they got me in really good shape…3. they helped me add a lot of quality weight muscle mass while helping me keep my weight down…I orginally learned about these from jim wendler nearly 3 years ago at aseminar…as at that time my major problem was my conditioning and carrying extra weight…what i did back then was start out with a simple plan of 2-3 sets to bring up my weak points to be done 15 minutes before my work out kind of like aextra work out…on squat low body days i did - 2 sets for my hammies, 2 sets for my abs, 2 sets for my low back, 2 sets for my lats and upper back…on upper body days i did 2 sets ffro my abs, 2 sets for my lats, 2 sets for my upper back, and 2 sets for my biceps…u want these to be low intensity and you want them to be super-sets, tri sets and circuits…now after these year my work capacity has greatly increased and currently i do 5-10 sets for these body parts and can get the work done easily in 15 minutes…like i said this took me 2 years ot work up to…they also at first effected my work outs but nwo they make my work outs better becuase i got in good shape…the exersices i use currently for my gpp warm up are - lower body days- reverse hypers, glute ham raise, pull down abs, band gms, band leg curls, lat pull downs, i usually pick 3-4 exersices and do 5 sets of 8-20 reps…WITH VERY LOW INTENSITY…for upper body days i do - pull down abs, lat pull downs with several handles,rear delt flys, band face pulls, hammer curls,…also check out chuck vogepoles video XXX his warm ups are quite amazing…i thought i was in shape this guys incredibile…but liek i said take your time and work up take it slow at first…rb

Brad and Big Martin, thanks alot for your advice, it is much appreciated.