GPP vs. Cardio

Coach Davies,
You outlined a GPP program for me on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Is it Ok to do the GPP as an extra workout on Tuesday and Thursday in place of traditional cardio, or do you recommend something else. Thanks, Solomon.

Solomon - whats happening here buddy. First a bodybuilder looking for a little non-weighted GPP, then some weighted stuff. Now you want more GPP - well okay, but stay basic with ranges of 60-80% of prior days time and for the first while stay basic jacks,shuffle, vertical hops and side to side hops. Great work! In faith, Coach Davies

GPP is far to superior to cardio my friend. I have heard from several athletes using the GPP system and they are making great gains in terms of body comp changes. Traditional cardio does not offer the same bang for you buck, especially if you want to develop skills for real life competition.

Coach Davies,
I may be sorry for this tomorrow, but I probably won’t be able to get my normal chest, shoulder, and tricep workout in. I have a 6lb. rubber medicine ball and I’m always game for push-ups. Can you help? Also, your last post said to use 60-80% of my previous days GPP on days I don’t lift. Based on the program you gave me, that means I could do as little as 5 minutes of GPP. Is that enough? Thanks, Solomon

Once again Solomon, you’re confusing me but I enjoy this. You’ve got a med ball-perfect. If you have a skipping rope that would be great too but if not why dont we try a new GPP circuit for you. It still fairly basic but you might enjoy it today. As always perform in 30 second intervals: jumping jacks, pushups, chinees, med ball chest pass, shuffle, med ball pushup with one hand on ball other on floor, switch hands. Each set will take 3 minutes perform 10 sets = 30 minutes. Now if you have a skipping rope try 6 sets of rope work, consisting of 3 minute rounds with 1 minute “breaks”. During those breaks perform 50 pushups. In faith, Coach Davies

I don’t mean to confuse you coach, but when I said that I am a bodybuilder, I may have given you the wrong impression. I am an athlete first and I’m always looking to learn from people who actually have something to teach. I’m old school. John Grimek, Jack Lalanne, Sergio Oliva, and Vince Gironda are some of the guys I try to model myself after. These guys not only looked strong, but they were strong, and they were superb athletes to boot. One question about the program you sent me. Is all that GPP meant to be done without rest? Keeping the faith, Solomon.

non-stop, just keep breathing. And great to hear we both admire the greats you mentioned. By the way, I really wasnt confused - just my SOB sense of humor. Tell me how it goes. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, you posted a workout in a past thread where a guy was asking you about improving his vertical jump. You outlined a program for him. If it isn’t too much trouble, would you repost it? Keeping the faith, Solomon.

Vertical Jump work-I cant remember posting but what the heck. But back to basics, tell me about flexibility training. BTW - I like this Solomon-Coach D thread. In faith, Coach Davies

I would certainly like to hear any guidelines you had on flexibility training. On the particular post I was talking about you outlined a program using plyometrics and medicine ball training. Maybe you have something along those lines in the old prize closet. Maybe we could trade ideas and come up with something worthy of the renegades. Keeping the faith, Solomon.

Solomon - lets look at your development of your vertical jump as a separate concern to your other issues. Is it for a sport? In the construction of your “athletic wheel” we need to start your flexibility training. Then if you wish to go further into the Vertical jump, I would suggest you purchase a 5-9 med ball (rubber preferably). Let me know if you want a flexibility program and I can email you. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, like a good soldier, I’m always prepared. I already own a 6lb. rubber medicine ball and I’m ready to go. Feel free to e-mail the flexibility program to me. My address is Keeping the faith, Solomon.

Solomon - I will get you the stretching program hopefully tonight. With your next your next training session, I want you to take your med ball to a basketball court. Your gpp will be as follows: jumping jacks, vertical board jumps, burpees, mtn climbers. 6 sets, with a 5 minute recovery break & repeat. Now the trick is that with the exception of the jacks you hold onto the ball constantly. During the Verticals you hold the ball above your head and try to touch the rim. Durning burpees when you jump you again try to touch the rim with the ball. I will be akward coming down because you perform the lower burpee position with the ball in your hand, which is essence a med ball pushup. let me know how it goes, In faith Coach Davies