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GPP Training Fatigue

I have recently added GPP into my training. I do 3 sets of 200 feet with sled pulls, then I go back every set while doing facepulls and running backwards. After that, I do oblique and neck work and then I’m done. I read that GPP workouts should be about 30 minutes and that is about how long mine are. I also do 3 a week. Getting to the point, ever since I’ve added GPP I’ve felt weaker. 2 days ago I couldn’t deadlift because I was too fried, and today, I couldn’t do half my movements with nearly as much weight as I normally use so I just took today off. I am running the texas method and on my off days I do gpp, except on fridays. I just feel too fatigued and don’t know what to do. I am doing GPP to recover from workouts and raise work capacity but I feel it is doing the opposite.

Do your GPP on your training days after the workout or do less GPP work on off days or do lighter impact GPP work that doesn’t involve anything too strenuous. Its just GPP. Don’t sweat it.

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It takes time to build. Start with just a little and ease your way into it. It shouldn’t be taking much if any away from the main training.


Okay, I’m going to drop the weight on the sled and start off lighter and over time slowly build up.

You started with too much too soon. It might increase your work capacity in the long run, but for now it’s affecting your recovery. If you want to increase work capacity you just need to train with higher volume than usual (to the point of overreaching) now and then. Cardio and conditioning are mostly beneficial for your heart and circulatory system. I heard that Greg Nuckols said that you should do cardio if your resting heart rate (measured first thing in the morning) is higher than 70bpm.

Also, these days a lot of experts (like Nuckols, Eric Helms, etc.) recommend low intensity steady state cardio over HIIT stuff like sled drags. It’s much easier to recover from and has the same health benefits.

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Okay, thanks for the reply. I’ll lower all the GPP stuff until my body adjusts to the added training.