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GPP tenderfoot

Does anyone else have a problem with sore feet from GPP? I find that the balls of my feet get very sore (that pre blister like feeling) from GPP esp. with the sideways moves like jumping jacks, line jumps etc but even with stuff like mountain climbers and shuffles. Any suggestions to toughen them up appreciated.

I’ve noticed a little soreness while actually performing certain GPP movements, but it’s gone by the time I’m done. The only thing I tend to feel the next day are my hands from doing farmer’s walks for time. I tend to have the stiff hands and fingers for a day or so. Do you ever try doing stuff barefoot? That can help toughen your feet. I’ve noticed that when doing fisted pushups, I can’t do them on wood or concrete yet. So I use a rubber pad or towel to protect my fist.

Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing with GPP and rope work. Start slow and work up to the longer sessions. Also, try cryotherapy as outlined in Staley’s EDT arms article, but for your feet.

I had sore feet for the first several weeks of doing all the jumping GPP. It takes awhile to build up the endurance for it. Plus, I’ve always had sensitive feet. Check your shoes and insoles, that could be the problem. I would not recommend doing it barefoot.

I’ve been training Renegade style for about 4 months so have been at the GPP for a while now. I will check the inner soles etc, barefoot is not an option at most gyms and I think that would prob make things worse. It is coming in to summaer here so will endeavour to get barefoot more including beach walks.