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GPP -Set or Fun Routine?

I have a quick, maybe stupid question about GPP work. I want to add at least 2 days of GPP into my training. But, what I need to know is: Do you need to lay out a certain GPP routine and be consistent with that same routine and try to improve on it each week, or do you just have fun with it and do what ever you feel like doing for that days GPP???



The most important thing is to be consistent with the GPP during your recovery days. As with any program getting there is half the battle, similarly any training program is enhanced with a little bit of structure. Personally I have tried the go have fun/screw around with sledge hammers, tires, sleds and so forth and found that compiling a brief routine is far more time efficient.

Theres numerous articles here on T-Nation with great ideas for GPP activities, I also suggest a ten minute “warm-up” employing exercises found in “magnificent mobility” by eric cressy and mike robertson.

Another effective and entertaining method can be to meld the aspects of HIIT and traditional GPP together. Even composing a circuit type progression of exercises can be a nice change of pace and really challenge the cardiovascular system. Hope this helps, I’ve become a huge proponent of GPP for active recovery purposes, have fun training.

i like to keep it fun and unorganized. after all its just gpp.

often times i write broad things like “20 minutes sandbag gpp” in my log just because im carrying it the way i want, shouldering it when i want, squatting it when i want, and nothing is set. same with when i push the truck, i dont keep track of rest periods and whatnot. i think its alot more fun that way

Okay, Thanks fellas!

I’m for keeping it fun, not structured. Of course, you need to be self motivated to do this. But the way I see it, go out, lift heavy stuff, get your heart pumping and (I hate to use the phrase but it applies) just do it.

This is exactly correct, as long as you are doign soemthing for all of the body.

I do unweighted, Davies type GPP with most of my soccer players to break up energy system training. We progressively add time, but do it by alternating between 20, 30, and 45 second intervals of change times… mix it up a bit.

What we do is to go for 3-4 minutes, then juggle a ball for 1-minute, or do churn and burns, etc… during the minute recovery, I just ask 4 players to pick out the next 4 GPP exercises. We pick from a list of about 100 BW calisthenics my kids are familiar with… I mark the ones they pick off, so they don’t do the same ones again and again…

Categorize the exercises you like to do and just pick one from each category, or whatever… keeps it random, but encompassing.

Hope this helps.


Yes, all replies helped. Thanks alot guys!