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GPP rest intervals

How long should I rest after doing a round of gpp? I usually rest for about 45 seconds.

I do my gpp straight through, i worked up to it though, it will take time, i do 8, 10 or 12 minutes depending on the situation straight through, once you can do this try to increase the reps of each exercise in the given time, usually 30 seconds

When I first started doing GPP I had to rest after every set. Just rest as long as you need to. Also, when a set ends try to start the next set at least. This will help you improve. After a while I was able to do it with just stopping halfway, now I can go straight through.

Thanks guys I dont know how i missed this one. I am only on month 7 of RT…my bad

Yep, straight through my friend. I do 8 sets of 4 exercises for 30 seconds each sometimes. Just keep going, “don’t stop till’ you get enough,” when you extremely tired that’s when you test yourself and talk to yourself and just keep going man!!!

rest? No rest during your circuits. In faith, Coach Davies

Was that a typo? 7 months of RT? Have you been doing it consistently? I would think your work capacity after 7 months should be enough that you can go straight through, unless of course you are doing an hour of gpp or something like that :).

No I totally miss read the work out sheet. On my print out it lists the group of gpp exercise and underneath it, it says 30 seconds each, perform in continuous fashion. And I took it to mean do the exercies adn then rest 45 or 60 sec and start up again.
Thanks for clearing this up
“igronance is bliss”