GPP Question

Aside from farmers walks with dumbells, what are some other good gpp things that I could do within the confines of a gym? Thanks in advance for any help.

sprints or walking lunges.

GPP ASAP (Chad Waterbury - search the articles).

Why do you have to stay within the confines of the gym? One of the best things about GPP is that you can go outside to the park or parking lot and push a truck or drag a sled…things you can’t do in a gym.

How about the following…

Alternating 1 armed dumbell snatch for high reps

Front Squat push press with light weight for high reps

Burpees plus press ups

Bears with light weight for high reps (do a search)

Alternating 10 press ups and 10 squat jumps for 10 sets in total

Or - just check out for more cool GPP ideas

Have fun.


PM me and I can send you spread sheet of other gpp workouts I have used.