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GPP Question

I read an article on GPP by Bob Youngs at the elite fts site, and when I was reading it, I kinda got the idea that he was implying that GPP can be classified as “anything that doesn’t have an eccentric portion to the lift/exercise”. Is this correct? Please fill me in.

Depends on the athlete. GPP for a powerlifter could be different than that of another type of athlete.

For an athlete other than a PL or an OL, the weight training session could be considered GPP.

Read Fundamentals of Special Strength Training In Sports by Verkoshansky to see how he explains it. You could also read Tom Myslinski’s thesis on the elite site. He gives a good description of what GPP really is.

Hey Chris, I’ve made a note of it to get Verkoshansky’s book as well as Supertraining once my student refund check comes in. And I’m currently in the process of reading Myslinski’s article.