GPP or just plain stupid? Ahh summer time as a college student. Well its time to get a job, and one of my dads friends from work needs some people. He digs sess(sp?) pools and in ground pools. When the area is to small to get the machine in there he has to dig the holes by hand. Days are usually 7-7, probably only twice a week, 125 bucks a day. He said people usually last no more than a day before quitting. As a t-man i’m taking htis as a challenge. But my question, i’m thinking awesome i’ll be out in the sun, shirt off, working hard, it’ll probably be some great gpp, but for 12 hours? Does anybody think this could be a little too much on the body? I’m sure alot of you guys have done construction and things like that, what kind of affect did it have on your body and on your workouts? Like i said it’d only be 2 days a week, so i can schedule workotus around it and not overtrain, just wanted to get some views but i think i’m gonna take the job, only twice a week, 250 bucks is perfect for me, who wants to work inside all summer, 4 or 5 days a week, only to make the same amount of money?..just wanted some views…btw, x-vest should be here any day now, i cant waittt…

JPS. Try lifeguarding instead. You’ll still get a tan, the work is easier, you’ve got a pool for exercise, and the money is better.

I would think that you would have to be eating a lot more to make up the calories you would be burning digging those pools. And you would have to adjust your training to work around these days, which might make it hard to make any progress. But if you dont have a choice, and you really need this job go for it, But I would get an office job so you could be sure to recover fully.
Good luck

P.S Dude your in college so you dont have to dig holes, get a good summer job. Like a S&C inturn.

Take the job. Your body will adapt within 2 weeks. It will be hard work, but why are people afraid of hard work? First of all it will be only 2 days a week, and will last 8-12 weeks. Secondly you will not actually be digging 12 hours a day, much of the time will be travel, getting the tools, etc. When you go back to school you will have some new found strenght and knowledge that you are not a typical college mamma’s boy.

DO IT. Try and get the job everyday though.

To much? No

You will adapt and be better for it, In body and mind.

Not enough younger ppl now a days have had to work hard a day in their life. It will help you build a hell of a body and great character.

I speak from experience, this being my first time in over 10 yrs I am not working some type of construction. Now I get to sit back and really enjoy this after being on the other side so long, but I have the luxury of knowing I can do it if I have/need to.

Just my 2 cc.


I agree with the above recommendations to take the job. I worked as a mason’s helper one summer, which was 9 hours a day, six days a week of carrying bricks. I threw up from exhaustion the first couple days, but in under three weeks, my endurance had adapted and, form my past time in the gym, I was a lot stronger for lifting the odd heavy object that we needed than the little mexicans I worked with. I started the summer a bit fat and I lost 20 pounds, 3 inches from my waiste, and definitely put on some muscle, especially on my forearms, and I lost that weight despite living primarily on junkfood. I am sure I could have gained more muscle and strength, if I had put more thought into my workouts and eaten with a bit more care.

Also, the ten plus bucks an hour pays a lot better than being a lifeguard where I live.

I’m with Rick on this one. First, if it’s only 2 days a week that will leave you with plenty of time to get a “better” job. Second, Rick is absolutely right that you won’t be digging for 12 hours straight. Third, manual labor provides strength and fitness benefits like nothing else. Chad Waterbury mentioned this in his Single’s Club article, about how workers would do what amounted to many sets of singles throughout the day. Steve Justa even does what he calls the shovel lift with a barbell.

And now, for your reading pleasure, my cranky old guy routine:

All you guys that responded with “you’re in college so you don’t need to do manual labor,” what fantasy world are you living in? A college degree, while valuable, isn’t what it used to be. Welcome to the real world.

I also agree, take the job. The summer after my freshman year I worked in a tire warehouse. This was during the Ford recall, so I was lifting, throwing 1000’s of tires per day. I still worked out as well. I lost at least 10 more pounds of fat. Manual labor every now and then is good for a person. There will be an adjustment period, but you will live.

take the job man, let it humble you so that you appreciate the priviledge that you are in college. Just don’t do any extra cardio and keep your stength training volume in check. Take a lot of food and water out with you.

Thanks for all the input. As for the lifeguarding job, thats for next summer, all hte girls i’m friends with do it, and tell me to get certified, just never had a chance to take the course over the spring during lacrosse…next winter i’ll be certified…the indoor pool at school pays 15 bucks an hour to watch college and older guys/girls swim laps, talk about easy money…i already locked up a job in the pratt center(weight room at school) just cleaning up weights and stuff…interning wiht the head SC coach, a former middle LB for Post, but that’ll start in the fall when i’m back at school full time…anways for this summer, yea i’m gonna give it a go, do the digging thing…I see hwere all you guys are comming from who are for/against it, thanks for all your opinions…i’ll be monitering closely my recovery and be sure not to wear myself out…if after two weeks or a month i feel my workouts are suffering then by all means i’ll drop it, money isnt whats most important at this point…thanks again