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GPP or Finishers In The Gym


Hey guys, just wanted to know what some of your favorite "finishers" are or some GPP you like to do in the gym. I don't have access to a sled or sand bags and sledgehammers while in the gym, so I was wondering what everyone likes to do?


for recent sessions:

A1 overhead squat
A2 pullup or chin variation
A3 dips
rest 1-3 minutes

repeat for 5 total sets



I like:
1. db/barbell overhead walks
2. db/barbell farmer's or suitcase walks
3. Plate pushes
4. Dumbbell or barbell zercher hold and walks
5. Dumbell/barbell burpee to overhead press
6. timed db/barbell snatches or clean and jerks, or swings
7. Side to side db/barbell step-up runs
8. Any type of extended complex with db/barbells
9. deck squat/burpee/push-up/pull-up combo for 50-100 reps

Hope this gives you some ideas.


Barbell complex

6 x Hang snatch
6 x Romanian DL
6 x Bent-over row
6 x Push press
6 x Good morning
6 x squat

4-5 sets of the above with 30-60secs rest in between sets.

Geek boy


Thanks guys. Can you elaborate on "plate pushes."


3 rounds for time of:

Front Squat-to-immediate-Push-Press ('thruster') 95 pounds or 45 kilos.

21 reps on the first round, 15 on the second, 9 on the last. Use kip (body english) for the pull-ups if you want to.

Max rounds in ten minutes of:

10 swings to overhead with a 75 pound dumbbell
5 35" box jumps
5 clapping pull-ups

30 reps for time of 135-pound C+J, power clean and push-press, whatever.

Ass to grass back squat: Max reps with bodyweight. Like a 20-rep squat set or 'Sarge' squat set - i.e., 'rest' as much as you want with the bar on your shoulders, but no racking!