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GPP/Off Days


Just a question, on my OFF days..which are usually some sort of GPP so it's never really off lol. Anyways after doing say a ME Bench Day, or ME Squat day...when can I put in sprints in...something like CT's Running Man...or something like that. And if I walk with a wheelbarrow for I donno 15 minutes with a pretty heavy load (this does get quite tiring) is this really even restoration, cause its a hell of a workout.

Even if I do db snatches and all this is all a hell of a workout and is this bad to do on my OFF days? What can I do..and is it okay to do sprints and stuff (intervals also..and maybe 400m sprints)



What are your goals for the program? Do you plan on competing, loosing weight, bulking up? The different responses will get a some what different answer. GPP is usually something that also increases the heart rate. Sled pulling, wheel barrow walking, stadium stairs, etc (running could be included) are forms of GPP. Let me know what you are gearing towards and I will help if I can.


I've found that once your legs adjust, wind sprints work well.


I think your enthusiam is awesome, but there's something to be said for r-e-s-t. If you want to do something on an "off" day, it shouldn't feel like a workout.

If you want to work the wheelbarrow, keep it light, and play more with variety of movements (diagonals, backwards, whatever). If you want to snatch, I'd keep it lighter, and focus on higher reps: Yay for 25-rep sets of DB snatches!! Tons of fun. If you want to sprint, I'd...well, I wouldn't. It's hard to classify that as "G.P.P." when it's really an actual anaerobic workout.

P.S. - What are your training goals? G.P.P. is really meant to address conditioning issues, mainly for competitive athletes. For the average fitness buff, it really shouldn't be something to stress over (physically or mentally). It all depends on why you're doing it.


lol well it seems like you guys wanna know the why. Well I'm not a fitness buff, i just i donno i can't do the average, normal stuff I've gotta be a step ahead of everyone and If i'm doing something I wanna make sure I put my 100% all out effort to be the best out of it period. I'm talking Cy-BORG mentallity here. Discipline 101.

I'm 15, 161lbs. My strength levels are good for my age and bodyweight and I've actually gained 12 pounds of muslce. I've got a really low bodyfat so I'm not concerned with losing fat or anything cause I'm lean. I'm into boxing/MMA and want to increase my conditioing.

I just never understand when ppl say do wheelbarrowing, db snatches etc. all for restortive lol...like once i get in it I make it a full-out balls to the wall sweating, bleeding gut wrenchnig workout. And i can't stop myself from this so I guess the restorative stuff doesnt work for me, but I do get 10hours of sleep and make sure I'm eating lots and lots every day (i only eat clean and have been since gr.8)

So my conditioing is what I wanna improve more, because I think my strength is good. When can I fit these killer workouts I put myself through (because i adore them lol) without them affecting my weightlifting sessions much. Sandbag, wheelbarrow, db snatches, etc etc. are all things i do on these days...and I do punching bag sessions and i like to do intervals and such. It's like CT's Renassiance Man article...thats exactly what I've always geared towards.

dl- turining 16 october 18th by the way.


WOW also if you say off days shouldnt really feel like a workout, then boy have i ever been doing them wrong lol. Is it okay (i do this sometimes) to do a core workout on an off day or is this bad too?...it is an actual workout...its just like..like an EXTRA workout..are extra workouts supposed to feel liek working out...cause I'll trian my core (just my core) and maybe a few overhead squats for stabalization and such..

but ill train my core for rotational strength and such..its a workout is this alright to do on an off day?...I guess it's all okay because I'm continously making strength gains and everythings going well, until i burn out and die from overtraining :wink: lol. But that won't happen cause I carefully look at what I'm doing and how much of it. So i make sure I'm not killing myself. I do over-reach though a lot, then supercompensate.

dl- rawr.